YouTube Links

This is a video I made to accompany a recording of my setting of 'Steal Away' and to place the piece in some context for the listener

This is a link to the same piece, professionally recorded and released on Centaur Records.  The full CD is available from Amazon or select tracks can be bought from iTunes. There is a lot of other great music on the CD including a major cantata by my colleague and friend, Anthony Maglione. 

This is the first of a set of 30 videos I made to take you through basic music theory concepts.  I use this course as a basis for my Theory I class.  You are welcome to watch this one, and then search for the rest of the series.   

What a great pose!  This is the first of my second set of music theory videos.  This series takes you through all you need to know about basic Bach (four-part, chorale style) theory.  Again, feel free to watch this one then search for the rest of the set on YouTube. 

This is a suite of folk song settings that all have connections with the Northumbrian region of England.  These are published by J.W. Pepper.  

wild Dance of Flame

This is the third movement of a set of pieces I wrote in the summer of 2017.  This project was fascinating in that I was asked to write new music for 'old', as in Baroque, instruments.  This video has an introduction I was asked to give followed by the performance of my music that was choreographed by Jennifer Cox and is performed here by the Kansas City Baroque Consortium and the Owen-Cox Dance Company.