Bristol born and raised...

I was born and raised in Bristol, England but live now in the United States and have been developing a growing reputation as a composer and arranger in American and beyond. My music has been performed in the States, Europe and New Zealand. I have had the privilege of writing for and working with The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, The Simon Carrington Chamber Singers, The King’s Singers, renowned British organist David Goode, the New Plymouth Orchestra in New Zealand and the Lyric Arts Trio here in Kansas City, Missouri, where I now live. As can been seen from this list, I am as keen to work with local musicians as with internationally known ensembles and with ensembles of all shapes and sizes!  I feel fortunate to have been commissioned by many contrasting ensembles to write and arrange a wide variety of music from choral to symphonic, band to orchestra and more. 

I enjoy working with young musicians, helping to create music that is challenging yet accessible. In fact, I particularly enjoy commissions that lead to interaction between the composer and the ensemble and which can help to create a co-creating partnership for all involved in the performance.

It was an honor to be named a finalist in the 2015 American Prize for my Choral Symphony ‘Leitourgia’.  Music of mine is published by Wingert Jones and Alliance music publishers.  Other music is available through this site. 


Often ensembles, schools, churches and other organizations would like to commission a new piece for a special occasion or for the educational value the process affords students and participants in the premier performance, however, those same organizations assume that the very idea of a commission would be too expensive or they simply don't know where to begin.  The truth is that commissioning is often much more affordable than you might think, and specific rates can be negotiated.  It is also possible to create a coalition where ensembles or organizations work together to commission a piece that is then premiered in multiple locations.  If you want to chat more about this process, connect with me through the contract me section on this site and let's begin to see what we can make happen.  


It might be that you are already performing one of my works and you would like to have the perspective of the composer, or are just interested in my thoughts regarding the piece you are working on.  I am always happy to try to arrange a way to connect with anyone performing my music.  This could be a Skype or FaceTime connection, or could involve my coming to your location for a residency.  Having me come to your school, college, church or other venue offers the opportunity for me to engage in masterclass lessons with composers, or for you to hear my interpretation of the music, which lets me offer a broader perspective on the music that can enable a wider appreciation of the art of composition generally.  I also enjoy speaking about the arts in society, composition today, the place of the composer in society or the need for arts advocacy.  If you need an engaging and interactive speech or seminar, let's connect and chat about the possibilities.